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About International Students

International Students

ICT Schools Kikkawa College and ICT Northumberland College are designated learning schools under the International Student Program

ICT Kikkawa College DLI # O19351067522

ICT Northumberland College DLI # O115158695747

Students from all over the world wishing to begin their journey toward a career in massage therapy will find a welcoming and supportive community at ICT Schools. Home to students from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life, ICT prides itself on offering support and guidance to help each individual student reach their full potential and feel at home in their new community. From your first contact with ICT, the admissions department will be your first line of support regarding housing options, tutoring, counseling, cultural organizations, and all that the school and city has to offer.

Click here to obtain relevant supports. If you need further assistance please contact our Admissions Office in Toronto, ON at (416) 762-4857 ext. 235 and in Halifax, NS at (902) 425 2869.

Prospective international students require a high school diploma (or its equivalent), as well as a valid student Study Permit in order to study in Canada. International students are strongly encouraged to regularly visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website (, as it provides up-to-date information and specific details on the current requirements for entering Canada on a Study Permit. It is the student’s responsibility to stay apprised of any changes in these requirements. The language of instruction at ICT Schools is English. Students must be reasonably proficient in all areas of the English language, including speaking, reading, writing, and oral comprehension. When you are ready, the following steps will help guide you through the application process:
  1. Request an application form from the Admissions Office. Once completed, send it along with the required supporting documentation and the application fee: CDN$84.75 (ICT Kikkawa College, Toronto, ON – tax included) and CDN$86.25 (ICT Northumberland College, Halifax, NS).
  2. Supporting documentation must include:
    • One official copy of a high school transcript (or equivalent) or university/community college transcript
    • A copy of your Student Study Permit
    • A copy of two of the following original pieces of ID
      1. Birth certificate
      2. Valid driver’s license
      3. Valid passport
      4. Valid immigration card
  3. When you have been accepted into the program you will receive a letter of acceptance to the program. You will be required to submit this letter with your request to obtain a Study Permit from the Canadian government in order to study in Canada.

Contact us today for more information at:

We hope to welcome you to Canada in the near future.
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