Toronto Campus - Kikkawa College

The Crossways Mall
2340 Dundas St. W. , Unit G-04
Toronto, ON M6P 4A9

Telephone: 416-762-4857 Ext. 235

Toll Free: 1-888-890-5888 Ext. 235


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Halifax Campus - Northumberland College

Northumberland College
1888 Brunswick St. 5th Floor
Halifax, NS B3J 3J8

Telephone: 902-425-2869 Ext. 227

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Mariah Fortune

Excellent curriculum, well taught, definitely a life & career-changing experience

Student - 2016-2017 Academic School Year

Ally Arbou

Excellent lessons provided by ICT; [the instructor] shares relevant and interesting personal experiences, a big thank you from me

Student - 2016-2017 Academic School Year

Maria Payne


Class of 2017

Yvonne Osondu

ICT Kikkawa College is this unpretentious college in the west end. Don't let its understatement deceive you though. It is a great school with people devoted to your success. As an older learner I am grateful for the support I received at Kikkawa. One clinic supervisor mentioned that she wanted to "give back" to the college after graduation. You do get that feeling of wanting to do so that this gem of an institute stays around for a long time to train future therapists. Thank you Kikkawa.

Class of 2016

Atsuko Kakutani

Kind and accommodating staff, knowledgeable teachers and supportive classmates. Studying at ICT definitely was the best choice for me. Thank you very very much!

Class of 2015

Anamika Mujoo

Being at ICT has been such a refreshing experience. Warm, welcoming, nurturing, enriching and inquiring environment. Most wonderful teachers, who keep you engaged constantly and fire your curiosity for learning.
It can't get any better!
Thank you Kikkawa for accepting me and accommodating me after the disastrous Everest College closure.

Class of 2015

Linjia Li

I had a happy learning experience and graduated with a good foundation and confidence. Thanks to your wonderful teachers (their passion and experience, their knowledge of the profession and their caring attitude towards students and clients), the school's well established curriculum and an encouraging learning environment. Thank you so much.

Class of 2015

Shanna Kelly

I had such a great experience at ICT Northumberland College. My first year of working I worked 2 TV shows, massaged musicians and worked on yachts that were visiting the area. Some very cool experiences.

Alumna, November 2015

Domtican Padkiw

I was a newcomer looking for a new start in Canada and I had made up my mind to shift my career into massage therapy. Got accepted at ICT as a MASC (Advanced Standing) student. Going back to school is difficult but teachers were there to guide me all throughout. I learned a lot from the teaching clinic and it has totally helped me pass my provincial licensing exams. Thank you Kikkawa College and the whole staff

Class of 2015

Gaysha Bennett

I am extremely overjoyed to have graduated. I could not have completed the program without the patience and faith you all bestowed in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Class of 2014

Zach Kenney

Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this process! I can't express just how much it means to me and how much I appreciate it! I know that everything with COVID has made and continues to make things more difficult, especially with transitional periods like this one, but you all have done a wonderful job. Regards, Zach Kenney

Zach Kenney
Class of 2022 / ICT Kikkawa College