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In the process of becoming health care professionals we expect to see our students grow and develop – discover who they are as persons, strive for excellence, and become the best they can be. Facilitating excellence in health-care education is predicated on excellent teaching.

ICT Schools offers a unique Teacher Education Certificate Program, developed by Dr. Gila Strauch, Director of Education Emeritus at ICT Schools. Our program incorporates the study of teaching and learning styles and addresses the attributes of adult learners. Teachers are provided with opportunities to hone their skills, and for novices, working with experienced teachers provides opportunities to benefit from the knowledge of adept counterparts. Our Teacher Education Program enhances classroom performance and provides teachers with a discussion forum where they can share experiences and concerns, and grow and develop personally and professionally.

The ICT Teacher Education Program has been approved by the Nova Scotia Department of Education in lieu of the requirement that all persons teaching in Private Career Colleges participate in the Adult Education program as a ‘train the trainer’ program.

The ICT Teacher Education Certificate Program is available to all complementary health-care professionals who are currently teaching or interested in teaching.

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