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Accelerate Your Path to Becoming a Massage Therapist

Transfer Up to 50% of Credits to the Massage Therapy Diploma Program

Students who have previously pursued a qualifying health care or health sciences program now have an exceptional chance to transfer up to 50% of their earned credits towards the renowned Massage Therapy Diploma Program offered at ICT Schools. As an added advantage, applicants can also explore the possibility of requesting a transfer of educational credit from other reputable institutions. To embark on this transformative journey, applicants need to submit their credit transfer requests to the College alongside their comprehensive program application.

Validate Your Knowledge with Official Transcripts and Syllabi

To substantiate their credit transfer request, applicants must provide an official transcript, showcasing their successful completion of relevant course material. Additionally, a thoughtfully prepared syllabus demonstrating the alignment of the course’s length, scope, and learning objectives with ICT Schools’ prestigious massage therapy program must be submitted.

Rise to the Challenge and Earn the Transfer of Credit Designation

Once the credit transfer request is accepted, applicants may be invited to partake in a stimulating challenge examination, which will be assessed on a fair pass-fail basis. It is worth noting that an examination fee of $50.00 must be paid in advance. Successfully surpassing this invigorating challenge examination will earn the esteemed designation of “TC” (Transfer of Credit), prominently displayed on the official transcript issued by ICT Schools.

A Transparent and Empowering Process for Your Career Advancement

By offering the invaluable opportunity for credit transfer and conducting a rigorous challenge examination, ICT Schools ensures a seamless and transparent process for students eager to transfer their previous education credits into the highly esteemed Massage Therapy Diploma Program. This commitment to fairness and recognition of prior learning empowers students to build upon their existing knowledge and experiences as they embark on a fulfilling career path in the field of massage therapy.

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