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As voted by readers of The Coast magazine, the top 3 Massage Therapists in Halifax from 2014-2017 are all ICT grads.

Congratulations to:

2017 Winners:

Gold – Courtney Nickerson, Class of 2006
Silver – Kelly Donald, Class of 2011
Bronze – Tara Dawn Patriquin (current faculty), Class of 2008

Source: (click to read) The Coast, Halifax – Best of 2017

2016 Winners:

Gold – Courtney Nickerson, Class of 2006
Silver – Kelly Donald, Class of 2011
Bronze – Tara Patriquin (current faculty), Class of 2008

Source: (click to read) The Coast, Halifax – Best of 2016

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2015 Winners
2014 Winners

Some of our students kindly offered these comments for courses that were completed in April/May 2017:



  • “Excellent teacher… enthusiastic, makes every class as clinically relevant as possible” (Emma Robar)
  • “Excellent lessons provided by ICT; [the instructor] shares relevant and interesting personal experiences, a big thank you from me” (Ally Arbou)
  • (Regarding their Instructor) “…always kind and wanting everyone to understand… excellent in teaching …always makes you feel welcome.” (Anna Wahlin)
  • (Regarding their Instructor) “…very educated and helpful, eager to help all students… makes class very enjoyable.” (Mikayla Pierce)
  • “Excellent curriculum, well taught, definitely a life & career-changing experience” (Mariah Fortune) 
  • “AWESOME SCHOOL!” (Maria Payne, Class of 2017)


On PRMT200 (a Practice Management course covering business fundamentals):


  • “really useful Course” (Chanda Pun)
  • “useful and detailed” (Stephen Wahl)
  • “very good course, very useful” (Monica Lim)

ICT Kikkawa College is this unpretentious college in the west end. Don’t let its understatement deceive you though. It is a great school with people devoted to your success. As an older learner I am grateful for the support I received at Kikkawa. One clinic supervisor mentioned that she wanted to “give back” to the college after graduation. You do get that feeling of wanting to do so that this gem of an institute stays around for a long time to train future therapists.


Thank you Kikkawa.

Yvonne Osondu, Class of 2016


After looking at various schools I chose ICT Northumberland College as it was recommended by previous graduates.

My experience in the program was very enjoyable. With small class sizes we became very close early on and developed great relationships with the teachers. There was a lot of support from other students and teachers.



The school provided us with various skills and experiences. The hands-on experience I gained through clinic hours helped me develop the skills I need to work with the public and prepared me for real-life situations that I would come accross in my job.


We also had the opportunity to take electives, which gave us specialized skills in various areas we chose to focus on: I chose to take Pregnancy Massage and Sports Massage, as there were two areas I enjoy working in.

I now work at a very supportive clinic… It’s truly rewarding when you see your client’s progress because of your treatment.

There are many job opportunities and various settings to work at, so the options are endless. I am glad I got into this career as I actually enjoy going to work every day.

Melissa Savage, Class of 2016

Being at ICT has been such a refreshing experience. Warm, welcoming, nurturing, enriching and inquiring environment. Most wonderful teachers, who keep you engaged constantly and fire your curiosity for learning.
It can’t get any better!
Thank you Kikkawa for accepting me and accommodating me after the disastrous Everest College closure.

Anamika Mujoo, Class of 2015

I had such a great experience at ICT Northumberland College. My first year of working I worked 2 TV shows, massaged musicians and worked on yachts that were visiting the area. Some very cool experiences.

Shanna Kelly, Alumna, November 2015

I was a newcomer looking for a new start in Canada and I had made up my mind to shift my career into massage therapy. Got accepted at ICT as a MASC (Advanced Standing) student. Going back to school is difficult but teachers were there to guide me all throughout. I learned a lot from the teaching clinic and it has totally helped me pass my provincial licensing exams. Thank you Kikkawa College and the whole staff

Domtican Padkiw, Class of 2015

I am employed in downtown Toronto . My clients like my services and keep coming back. I tell them I was trained by the BEST! and I really mean this. I tell everyone about ICT Kikkawa College.
Thanks to the Pathophysiology and Clinical Assessment and Treatment classes and my instructor’s way of connecting events, I have become a teacher to my clients.
BTW, I also work in a Spa with [another ICT grad] and he too is doing great. Whenever we work on couples in the same room, both of us get amazing tips!!Again it is because of our training and we both acknowledge and talk about it constantly. Thanks to you and the staff at Kikkawa.

Bryan Lewis, Alumnus, July 2015

Grad success story

As a recent graduate of ICT Kikkawa College, I found myself in the position of having to move to Calgary immediately after finishing my schooling due to family circumstances. I had spent approximately two years learning the craft of Massage Therapy and building connections with likeminded individuals in Toronto, and had some trepidations about having to start all over in a new province. To my immense pleasure, I had the opportunity to interview with a clinic in Calgary fairly soon after my arrival who not only knew of Kikkawa College but had nothing but great things to say about the Therapists that Kikkawa produces. This clinic takes Therapists with 10+ years experience under their belt and I am proud to say that I am now one of the Massage Therapists under their wing. I feel extremely lucky to have been afforded the opportunity to work with them at such an early stage of my career, and have no doubt that they gave me the chance because of all the great Therapists that came before me, moulded by the amazing faculty at Kikkawa.

Oscar Surla, Class of 2015

I had a happy learning experience and graduated with a good foundation and confidence. Thanks to your wonderful teachers (their passion and experience, their knowledge of the profession and their caring attitude towards students and clients), the school’s well established curriculum and an encouraging learning environment.,Thank you so much.

Linjia Li, Class of 2015

Kind and accommodating staff, knowledgeable teachers and supportive classmates. Studying at ICT definitely was the best choice for me. Thank you very very much!

Atsuko Kakutani, Class of 2015

Kikkawa College was an absolutely unforgettable experience. I will remember the kindness and confidence you gave me. Thank you so much!

Yanan Mou, Class of 2015

ICT really made me feel welcomed. I found that the training provided made me a well rounded & resourceful therapist, capable of working with a variety of clients and settings. The school really builds your confidence to helps you succeed not only in your studies but also your new career.

Jeffrey Freeman, Class of 2015

I’m so lucky and so blessed that I went to Kikkawa and I’m so proud that I am a product of this School. Again, thank you!

Andrea Vincente Mangeg, October 2014

“I would like to express my special thanks and gratitude for everything that you and your team have done for me at Kikkawa. I have learned so much and I feel honoured to be a part of ICT Kikkawa College ..

I feel very fortunate! The class that I was with all these months is just the perfect one… my class mates have taught me a lot … it is the most powerful group I have ever been with. I have met and dealt with all kinds of people. This group has certainly prepared me to face the world in a strong and special way.

I think the best part of my life as a student was the Teaching Clinic, the Neuro Clinic especially! The Outreach Clinics too. I feel so connected to every single client that I had I am so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to treat all these wonderful people.

Thank you for all your support and guidance. Thank you for being there not just for me but for every single student that you have guided and helped and for all the upcoming students that you will be guiding to become the best RMTs that they can be.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you…!”

Josie Lattip, ICT Kikkawa College Class of 2013

I want to commend you, the instructors at Northumberland College and the administration of ICT for the wonderful way that the curriculum was integrated. As a former faculty member at a Physiotherapy School in New York, I remember how hard we worked to integrate our courses so I appreciate what you have done. What struck me was how complementary and well timed CATS200 (Clinical Assessment and Treatment Skills) and PATH200 (Pathophysiology) were from day one. Whether it was the CNS, peripheral nerve lesions or nutrition, the two courses dovetailed beautifully so that one reinforced the other. Experiencing this integration as a student convinced me of its value in the learning process.
In addition, Teaching Clinic (TECL) was a delightful experience and another major strength of the program. …. The Teaching Clinic enables the faculty to closely monitor a student’s performance and creates a strong connection between the classroom and the clinic. I really enjoyed it!

I have had a fulfilling learning experience at ICT Northumberland College and hope to stay in touch.

Howard Makofsky, ICT Northumberland College ,Class of 2013

A heartfelt thank you for nurturing my journey to a career I absolutely enjoy doing.

Jerry Angeles, March 2014

I am extremely overjoyed to have graduated. I could not have completed the program without the patience and faith you all bestowed in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Gaysha Bennett, Class of 2014

The Kikkawa College experience is like no other

At Kikkawa College you feel more like you are a part of a community than a classroom. Students are always working with each other in some form or fashion, whether it be studying with each other for passing the next test or in fun, innovative ways to raise money for the graduation party.

Many of the teachers are seasoned veterans of the therapy community who have a wealth of practical information at their disposal.

Kikkawa stands out for what it offers in terms of its faculty and the student body it attracts. The CSR staff is also a great asset.

Philip Quinto, Class of 2010

A BIG THANK YOU to all the teachers and administration of ICT for a wonderful two years and all the hours they spent with us getting us ready for the Board Exams! I thank you all for preparing me for this career

Leona Bennett, Class of 2012

I am very happy and thankful to all the staff of Kikkawa College. Kikkawa College has the greatest approach to train its students and to assist all graduates after their graduation. Thank you for your countless efforts in helping me and my classmates on the way to success. I am proud to be a part of Kikkawa …

Viktoriya Mbeng, Class of 2012

Thank you so much, I will never forget the time I spent at ICT. I will never forget all my teachers who educated me and encouraged me when I was experiencing difficulties.

Vincent Liu, Class of 2011

After graduating with honours, I went on to work for a well known clinic that allowed me to build a large and continuously growing clientele.

I couldn’t have done it without the dedication from my teachers and the staff!

Christina Haloulos, ICT Schools, Class of 2009

I enrolled at Kikkawa in 2009. The teaching staff was very knowledgeable and the management team very personable. I can say without a doubt Kikkawa is one the most highly organized schools that I have attended. The entire program is outlined from beginning to end which makes the learning experience more streamlined. Kikkawa prepares us for both the research and practical aspects of massage therapy.

Pierre Chen, Class of 2010

I learned so much at Kikkawa … and I really salute you on how much you care about your students. I really appreciate the school and the staff 🙂 Again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Joyce Iglesia, Class of 2013

Thanks for having such an excellent school and thanks for filling it with so many excellent people!

Davidson Jull, Class of 2014