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43 Years of Educational Excellence 


Rayan Baroudi

General admission Manager

Rayan Baroudi is currently the Director of the Medical Office Administration program and serves as the Manager of Admissions at ICT Schools. Her professional journey took root in private colleges in the early part of 2015, and since then, she has become a seasoned professional in the field of education.

Throughout her career, Rayan has exhibited her expertise in overseeing admissions and student services. She has effectively managed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), prepared IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) reports, and handled financial matters, demonstrating a keen understanding of the administrative and academic aspects of educational institutions.

Beyond her roles in education, Rayan has also held the esteemed position of CEO in event planning based in Dubai. This experience has underscored her versatile leadership capabilities, proving her ability to excel not only in the educational domain but also in diverse professional arenas.

Rayan’s career highlights her proficiency in managing admissions, student services, and operational aspects within educational institutions. Her current roles as a program director and admissions manager at ICT Schools reflect her comprehensive understanding of the complexities of academic administration. Furthermore, her experience as a CEO in event planning in Dubai speaks to her adaptability and leadership skills across various professional landscapes.