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43 Years of Educational Excellence 


Dr. Hadi Naour

DEAN of ICT Schools

Dr. Hadi Naour, serving as the Dean of ICT Schools, began his tenure within college community colleges in the early 1998s before transitioning to private career colleges in early 2008. Throughout his career, Dr. Hadi has taken on diverse leadership roles, overseeing vocational and non-vocational programs, as well as spearheading the development of Learning Management Systems (LMS) catering to both French and English languages.

His academic credentials are noteworthy, holding a Doctorate in Psychology coupled with a certificate in Clinical Trauma. His current endeavors involve active engagement in advancing the field of Neuropsychology through ongoing research. Additionally, Dr. Hadi has contributed significantly to academic literature with a published work titled Pharmacotherapy vs. Psychotherapy.

Dr. Hadi Naour has developed an impressive portfolio of 65 programs tailored for private and community colleges spread across three provinces: Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia

Dr. Hadi Naour speaks 03 languages French, English and Arabic