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Citizenship Training Program

Becoming a Canadian citizen is a significant milestone in the lives of immigrants, and the citizenship test is an important part of the process.

To qualify for citizenship, applicants must pass a test that assesses their knowledge of:

  • Canadian history.
  • Geography.
  • Government.
  • National symbols.
  • Identity and values.
  • The rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to cover all the topics included in the citizenship exam. The training will teach students about the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, Who We Are as Canadians, Canada’s History, Modern Canada, How Canadians Govern Themselves, Federal Elections, The Justice System, Canadian Symbols, Canada’s Economy, and Canada’s Regions.

In addition to classroom instruction, students will also receive training on how to effectively prepare for the citizenship test. To help students gauge their readiness, a mock citizenship test will be administered at the end of the training.

Our program is ideal for individuals who are applying for Canadian citizenship or those who want to improve their knowledge of Canadian history and culture. Our experienced instructors will guide students through the curriculum, and provide the support they need to succeed.

Hours – 50 hours
Fees – $320.00 plus HST

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