Business Communication Skills

Make yourself heard, understood, and successful!

Effective communication skills are more important than ever in today’s increasingly competitive workplace. This in-class certificate will assist you in improving your communication skills so that you can talk, write, and communicate effectively and succinctly, allowing you to stand out to employers.

Make your voice known

Present your thoughts in a straightforward and confident manner.

Be understood!

Respond to queries and comments in a professional manner.                        

Be prosperous!

Obtain the desired result                                                                

Learn how to succeed in all aspects of corporate communication by mastering the necessary skills, and techniques.

Learn how to compose succinct letters, generate efficient reports, communicate with others successfully, and give strong, stress-free presentations. Develop a high level of competence in business communication skills.

  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Memos
  • Reports and presentations

80 hours



group only

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